Sample News Title: [COMPANY] has launched a new website, [ADDRESS] aimed at [SPECIFY]

By | May 13, 2016

A sample news/press release of website launch:

The new website combines a comprehensive listing of [Specify] and a directory of [Specify]. The site will be of tremendous value to entrepreneurs, business professionals and small businesses. “This is a cutting edge Internet site far superior to anything in the marketplace,” said [Name], the President of [Product]. “We expect tremendous sales through our convenient, user-friendly web site.”

More than [NUMBER] business are looking for that kind of solutions in [COUNTRY]. “With our [Product], many business owners and entrepreneurs will now be able to [Specify],” said [President].

[Company] is the owner of the popular [Specify]. Its [Product/service] is known for [Specify]. The company employs [Number] people in the greater [City] area and has won numerous local awards for its [Product/service]. The company’s web site at [Website] contains additional information.

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