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Forgotten Books Releases New eBook, The Book of Aquarius

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A few weeks ago one of our users submitted the book and we are working to get the book available in all the media possible. Forgotten Books is releasing the pdf and the audio version of the book and they can be downloaded free from our website.
The Book of Aquarius is about alchemy, the power of nature. It is about the philosopher's stone and the book clearly explains all the issues, myths, misinformation and misconceptions about the knowledge of alchemy. The book explains the idea behind the philosopher's stone, its history, it uses and the exact process to make it. The knowledge of Alchemy is not outside the nature and the book of aquarius explains the way to use nature and freely available things to make your own philosopher's stone.
I am totally excited to follow the work of the author to see if he reaches the final stages to prove the original assertions about the stone. Or, more importantly, see if it’s really a myth or a fact!
Download ebook free at Support Forum:
Book of Aquarius says that a philosopher's stone is nothing else but energy concentrated in a highly condensed form. We can use things that we get free in nature and can make our own philosopher's stone if the procedure in the book is followed. There are many people following the book and there is a support forum where the author can be contacted.

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