New CPAP Weight Loss Device May Allow for an Additional Pound per Week

By | March 2, 2016

The BreATh Genesis Company originated from experiences in my career as a mixed animal veterinarian. The company is dedicated to taking advantage of the human body’s physiologic response to cold therapy by creation of the CPAP BreATh Genesis. The invention reduces body mass and associated co-morbitities by brown fat induction. The methodology encompasses breathing refrigerated air during deep sleep as to not induce a shiver reflex, stimulate BAT deposition/activity, increase caloric expenditure, produce distilled water product for humidification, and decrease condensation in the delivery tubing. The market for anti obesity therapies are widespread since 2/3 of the U.S. population is overweight or obese. Middle aged and African Americans should have the greatest need for a benign system of weight loss. Obesity related dietary supplements and weight loss pharmaceuticals have provided minimal efficacy for the obesity epidemic. Key factors for marketability include the ongoing prevalence of obesity and physicians’ continuing role in preventing disease. The key strategy for implementing this technology is an inability for other technologies to induce BAT comfortably. We will focus marketing on the already established sleep apnea customer base and compare/contrast the widespread benefits to the associated co-morbitities of diabetes and cancer. We will focus on low cost manufacturing options and portray an American image in our company. We will cooperate with institutions for advancing the technology in a scientific evidence-based way. The management will adhere to a honest and professional image and use their prior strengths as successful businessmen to perpetuate the company with a progressive, profit based approach. With an initial seed start investment, the company will obtain workable prototypes, initiate clinical trials, strive toward FDA approval, and set up appropriate positions to manage production and move product sales forward. Cost/benefit projections will always be a primary consideration in company decisions.

About CPAP BreATh Genesis Co.:
The BreATh Genesis Company is owned and managed by Douglas Swain DVM. He graduated from Iowa State University with a BS. Animal Science (99’) and a DVM (03’). He started Lyman Veterinary Clinic LLC in 2004 to present. The BreATh Genesis Co. is developing a methodolgy/medical device to efficiently synthesize brown adipose tissue in the pursuit of human weight loss and decreased insulin resistance.

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