TDrive Launches Cannon Boy: A Free Endless Addicting Projectile Game

By | March 3, 2016

February 18, 2016, Thursday – Tdrive launches its free-to-play endless projectile game called Cannon Boy available on Google Play. This game requires a good calculation of projectile launch in order to gain score.

In Cannon Boy, the players assume the role of a Cannon Boy who shows off his projectile skills to the crowd in the circus. The gameplay is to let Cannon Boy get launched from a cannon to fly away and land to another cannon perfectly. The players will need to tap and hold the screen of their device to set the correct angle of Cannon Boy’s launch and release to fire him away. Players double points when they land perfectly on a cannon. Otherwise, they get a single point. Players can collect gem along the way to unlock more features such as purchasing their favorite costumes.

Edric Eser, the game designer of Cannon Boy, got the inspiration from playing games with similar gameplay. His words are “Cannon Boy has a simple yet challenging gameplay. Players will love its unique game mechanics, simple control and the funny animations of the character. The game also offers extra gems by just watching short video ads. In future update we’ll add more adorable playable characters so stay tuned.”

Cannon Boy is available for free and can be downloaded on Google Play by following this link: The game can also be downloaded on other Google Play alternative store such as Opera App Store, Amazon,, and many more.

Cannon Boy will also be brought to iOS app store. What makes the iOS version different from the Google Play version is the unique features it offers. Anticipate its release anytime soon.

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