Avazu Ranked Second in AppsFlyer’s January 2016 Power Index

By | March 4, 2016

— Avazu is pleased to announce it has been chosen second out of the top 30 Networks in the power index released by AppsFlyer for the categories Android Global Gaming and Latin America Gaming. The special edition index, which was released Friday, parallel to MWC in Barcelona is a hybrid measure of scale, retention and represents overall impact. This puts Avazu, second to only Facebook, at the top of the global mobile advertising sources world wide.
AppsFlyer is a reputable attribution and analytics platform, working with thousands of app developers. Their data covers over 2.5 billion installations globally and more than 1,000 integrated partners resulting in an unbiased ranking of the top media sources in mobile advertising.
The great news demonstrates yet again that Avazu is a strong and trusted media partner for large scale app distribution and providing high lifetime value users. This is due to an advanced technology and high capabilities in targeting a wide variety of devices, platforms and users from Asia, Europe, North and South America.
Using Experience to Guide Others
Another reason for Avazu’s domination is the hands-on knowledge from own games published in 2015 (Fallen Souls, Burning Blade) in locations like the United Sates, Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia. Both titles reached top 10 rankings in the US app stores. This allows Avazu to share with other developers the know-how on launching a new game in any given market and quickly climb the rankings.
To learn more about the AppsFlyer Gaming Performance Index, visit the AppsFlyer
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About Avazu:
Avazu is global performance marketing agency committed to programmatic buying. Initially founded in Brunei in 2009, Avazu has connected global major buyers and sellers in the performance marketplace through a suite of products and services, Avazu Performance AdNetwork, Avazu Private Exchange, Avazu Mobile DSP, Native Advertising and global Media Buying Services. Together Avazu provides global adve

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