Split Lotus Notes NSF File with an Efficacious Solution

By | March 8, 2016

Lotus Notes, one of the most secured email clients has been a part of this industry for around 27 years. Owing to its excellent infrastructure and robust security, it is being still used in large-scale organizations. Thus, the organizations, which have used Lotus Notes from a very long time, are bound to have large sized NSF files and that too in bulk. This large sized NSF file may consume a lot of time in loading in Lotus Notes and effect the workflow of an organization. Therefore, splitting the large sized NSF files is one of the easiest and common solution to manage the large sized NSF files and split lotus notes archive files.

Necessity of Splitting NSF Files

There can be a number of scenarios when a Lotus Notes user might want to split lotus notes NSF file.

Some of them are:

• A user might want to organize his data according to a particular time-period, say different NSF files for each year. This not only makes the task of searching for a particular email easy, but also makes the management of the entire data very easy.
Large sized NSF files may take a lot of time in loading in Lotus Notes. Thus, a user can split a large sized NSF file into multiple NSF files.
• It also happens that the entire data stored in the NSF file is not of importance. Therefore, a user can split and save the unnecessary data in a separate NSF file and important data in a different NSF file.

How to Split Lotus Notes NSF File?

There exists no manual method with the help of, which the large sized NSF files can be split into multiple files. Therefore, third party tools like Split NSF software can be deployed in order to split large sized Lotus Notes NSF files. The lotus notes archive splitter software offers four options for splitting- By Folder, Size, Year and Date. Thus, a user can decide which option is suitable and can split the NSF accordingly. Split Lotus Notes NSF File software to performs the split process without compromising with the data integrity of the NSF file. Thus, it’s the most easiest and safest solution to Split NSF File Lotus Notes.