Janina Kee Peachi (Salim Mahbub & Naser Kamal)

By | April 4, 2016

Published on Mar 25, 2016
1) Janina Kee Peachi (Syed Sabab Ali Arju)
2) Nilu (Ekthakar Hossen Sohel)
3) Ricksha (Syed Sabab Ali Arju)
4) Sujoner Maa (Ekthakar Hossen Sohel)
5) A Jibone Jotutuku Peachi (Syed Sabab Ali Arju)
6) Farakka (Syed Sabab Ali Arju)
7) Rongta Kala (Ekthakar Hossen Sohel)
8) A Chaal Cholba Na (Syed Sabab Ali Arju)
9) Bedona (Syed Sabab Ali Arju)
10) Chalona (Syed Sabab Ali Arju)
11) Pagol (Syed Sabab Ali Arju)

ALBUM:–: Janina Kee Peachi (Salim Mahbub & Naser Kamal)

Singer: Salim Mahbub
Lyricist & Tuner: Naser Kamal(Yet,I am a writer & singer ) Naser Kamal
Music Director: Syed Sabab Ali Arju & Ekthakar Hossen Sohel
Product By: Planning Design

Release date: 02/09/1994


Studio: Movieton Studio (Sajjad Rohman)

Green Road , Dhaka

YouTube :- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8nTAQhcrUZ-FBan47giRYA
E-mail:-naserkamal512@gmail.com /naserkamal10@gmail.com

About Janina Kee Peachi (Salim Mahbu:
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