Indie Writers’ Support – a Much Needed Group for the Indie Writer Today

Traversing the world of independent publishing and maneuvering through the tricks of the trade is often overwhelming for the pro; imagine how much more so for the newly published.

Although I have been published before with a traditional publisher, I chose to move to an independent format as I wanted control over my book; the marketing, the cover, the distribution and all other areas encompassing book sales. I knew from the start I would need help. And, I have found it!

Indie Writers’ is an encouraging group as well as informative. They have broad horizons that allow writers to get their work shown in many different ways. Their discussions are particularly helpful and they also challenge my thinking in how I approach my work.

I strongly encourage any writer, new or professional, to look closely at this group and consider not only taking advantage of what they have to offer, but also in what they can offer.

As a writer I tend to live inside my head. Since I’ve always been shy, that’s a safe place to be (unless packs of werewolves are roaming around in there, too). Indie Writers Support is invaluable because it is made up of other writers. On the website, I can check out what they’re doing, watch book trailers, visit related groups…actually there are too many options to list. I’ll just say it’s an indie writers’ go-to site, and in the last year, I’ve watched our numbers grow by leaps and bounds.

It’s so much fun to read excerpts by my fellow writers. There’s no better place to discover my next favorite book. And the list of blogs is very handy. I also like having my own page, where my book covers and synopses are available for everyone to see. In addition to all that, IWS displays links to some pretty cool writers’ tools.

The best part of all is that members of IWS understand the struggles and successes of independent publishing. We support each other because we want to get the word out there—self-publishing is not a last resort anymore. It’s a smart choice for the writer who wants to control every aspect of writing, publishing, and marketing his/her book. IWS offers book reviews, free reads, chats, support groups, and a calendar of events. Most important are the ideas and means of getting our books in the hands of readers, the most difficult aspect of independent publishing.

It is a pleasure to be among others who love to write as much as I do. Maybe we’re not face to face, but we’re always within reach, thanks to

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