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By | April 10, 2016


Date: April 09, 2016

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Addiction is a disease that impacts at least one in ten families.

Introducing our newest publication now available in both eBook & SOFTCOVER!

BEEN THERE: Life Lessons from Parents of Addicted Children

Compiled by the Editors of Next Chapter Press

Edmond, OK – If you or someone you love has a child of any age struggling with the devastating disease of addiction, BEEN THERE: Life Lessons from Parents of Addicted Children is the book for you. This book contains real-life stories written by 15 parents, who have learned the hard way how to deal with a child’s addiction. Writing these stories was not an easy task for these parents. Many of the words in this book were written through tears as raw emotional memories were brought back. But despite the pain of their journey, each of these authors shared the same goal – to bring hope and comfort to anyone else on this path. In addition to these inspiring stories, this book also contains helpful resources and inspirational tools. Addiction affects families from …

All social-economic levels,
Degree or non-degreed,
All races and nationalities,
People who are religious or the non-religious,
Married or divorced parents,
Big cities and small communities.

We offer you these real-life stories written in their own words by parents who have lived with addicted children, in an effort to enlighten, support and give hope to other parents dealing with the extreme challenges of living with an addicted child. We sincerely believe that reading the stories of other families who are dealing with, or who have dealt with addiction will offer you direction, hope and comfort.

It bears repeating that addiction is a disease that impacts at least one in ten families. There are no economic or social indicators that determine who will be affected by this disease. This book shares the journeys of families who have lived with addiction and their struggles to survive the impact of this disease both emotionally and financially.

BEEN THERE Life Lessons from Parents of Addicted Children eBook version amd Paperback available on Amazon:

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