The Best Mezcal 2016 at 16th Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition

By | April 11, 2016

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition® is the Most Influential in the industry and winning a medal here is very meaningful,says competition director Anthony Dias Blue.
This recognition was given to Ensamble 103 by some of the most respected judges in the industry . This year competition included 39 of the most influential experts such as, David Wondrich, Richard Charleton Hacker, Dale DeGroff,along with others, being the director of them Mr.Tony Abou-Ganin.
Mezcal Tribal is a small family company founded by Chef Andrea Serra and Bernardo Gonzalez, both passionate in flavors and aromas and proud of Mexican traditions and artisanal processes shown through our Mezcal. “We won this award at a key moment , When We Were trying to choose whether or not to continue the project, since It had not Been as easy as we’d originally thought.Although we Knew we had a worthy product, it was still a pleasant surprise to receive this recognition. It rewarded our Efforts and confirmed the value of our product.”Bernardo González ,engineer with years of experience in the liquor industry in Mexico, commented. The Blend of our mezcal includes three different types of agave: espadín, most popular agave in Oaxaca, Tobalá, wild agave harvested in the hills and Madrecuishe also wild which needs to grow more than 12 years to reach maturity and be suitable for making a excellent mezcal, the result comes from the sum of skills of our Maestro mezcalero Juan Hernandez Santiago and his artisanal process knowledge, and sensory skills of owners, together we defined agave types and proportions , resulting in a unique mezcal formula.
“I was excited the moment we started to try and find different flavors With mezcal,Said Andrea.It was interesting to find them , and to discover the different Processes That gave the results I felt on my palate.” Commented Chef Andrea Serra
Leveraging this company boost we are nowadays experiencing, we decided to began a pre-sale in the United States through indiegogo, to try to get to the palate of all U.S mezcaleros as soon as possible and put our artisanal spirit within their reach.
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