The Music Industry, Socially.

By | April 12, 2016

Frantz Mondesir, ScaleMyMusic’s founder, was thrilled to finally open his new platform to the public and welcome the music industry to join, share and have fun! is a social media created to push the artists and professionnals of the music industry’s careers forward and help them get connected with other music lovers that share the same passion for the achievement of the dream. Everybody can sign up for free and create a profile that give access to tools, ressources, services and opportunites put available to mazimize the user’s exposure and facilitate the networking process in the community. is the first music social media to empower its community with:

• An unlimited access to “The Vault” (The Vault is a library that provide members E-Books on topics that will support them to grow musically, socially and financially),
• A resumes/portfolios platform where they will be able to create their own, share it within or save it to their desktop and share it with whoever they want.
• The daily updates from more than 10 popular news feeds related to music. business and entertainment,
• More than 40 online TV channels,
• More than 70 music radio stations of all genres,
• The site translation into more than 100 languages.

More precisely, members are able to:

• Share music, pictures & videos on their wall,
• Sell/Buy products & services,
• Collect credits,
• Have a blog,
• Participate in forums and create topics,
• Create contests,
• Create pages, events & groups.

“We wanted to create a cool environment for the locals and majors in the business so they can easily promote themselves and connect with each other. I know how hard it can be sometimes for artists and professionnals to attract more fan/customers and expose their talents to the world effictively,” the founder said. “That’s why i wanted to create something that would really help them get noticed in the market. I wanted to give a true opportunity for the smaller players to be seen and heard by the bigger ones so each one of them can scale up their music business!”

The website has been officially launched on the 30th day of january 2016 and is surely start to attract more and more of the music world’s attention.The community is now counting more than 2 000 passionates of the music from different levels and areas.

It’s, the next online phenomenon!

About is a social media created for the artists and the professionnals of the music industry. We are providing tools, ressources and services to encourage the self-promotion, the networking habits and the collaboration in our community. The sign up process is fast, easy and free.

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