Qliktag Software Partners With GS1 Mexico to Launch Consumer Transparency Initiative

By | April 25, 2016

Qliktag Software Inc. a software innovator that has been providing solutions to GS1 member organizations has announced a partnership with GS1 Mexico to deploy a comprehensive consumer transparency initiative. The initiative aims to provide consumers in Mexico instant access to accurate, reliable product data on the items they plan to buy so they are able to make better informed purchase decisions and there is greater transparency between brand and consumer.

Through this partnership, GS1 Mexico becomes the latest GS1 member organization to leverage Qliktag’s Extended Merchandising™ platform which will be used to gather accurate product data directly from brands and then deploy that data to the consumers via their mobile phones.

“With the internet enabled mobile generation, consumers today rely more on product information and consumer transparency is one of the key challenges facing brands today” says Mario de Agüero CEO, GS1 Mexico. “By launching this platform, we’re helping create the foundation for the digital era where availability of product information and the ability to disseminate it digitally on demand will be critical to a brands success.” Mario adds.

“We are engaging consumers in Mexico with the latest mobile technology so they can use their smartphones in any retail environment or point of sale to pull up accurate, certified information and make informed decisions” says Victor Ortiz Solutions & Standards Specialist at GS1 Mexico. “There are some exciting standards like GS1 SmartSearch and features like Digital Labels which brands will enable for their customers through Qliktag’s Extended Merchandising™ platform. “We are looking forward to taking product data from GDSN all the way to consumers via a digital label on their smartphones” adds Victor.

The partnership was formally finalized by GS1 Mexico CEO Mario de Agüero and Qliktag Software Inc. CEO Dilip Daswani in Brussels during the GS1 Global Forum 2016 held in Belgium this February. “GS1 Mexico has been a leader in bringing in the latest technologies connecting brands with consumers and we’re looking forward to working with the GS1 Mexico team to build one of the most comprehensive digital product data ecosystems in the world” comments Dilip Daswani, CEO, Qliktag Software.

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