Ever Wanted To Build Your Own Helicopter? Redback Aviation Leads The Way With New Component Plans

By | April 30, 2016

Redback Aviation has for many years promoted and supported the homebuilt helicopter industry. The website hosts historical information on rare one and two seat helicopters as well as new, modern craft. Kit helicopters and experimental helicopters from past and present are also represented.

As a part of our business, we research high quality helicopter component plans and make them available to the public. Any would-be home made helicopter designer and builder now has a valuable information resource as well as professional machinist drawings and construction plans to built some of the most elusive helicopter components such as the swash plate which controls the helicopters flight direction by tilting the main rotor blades. Also the teetering rotor head that holds the rotorblades to the rotor head while allowing them to pivot and twist as required.

Additionally, there are the LoneStar kit helicopoter “partial plans”, construction and owners manual available with a wealth of information for anyone contemplating building their own helicopter. The LoneStar was a forerunner in the kit built helicopter industry and believed to be a precursor of the now famous Mosquito Kit Helicopter displaying many similarities in the control system.

All information is available for immediate download in eBook format displaying all relevant dimensions and parts list with detailed drawings and measurements for the avid helicopter experimenter to draw from. There are also many great stories and reports on the homebuilt helicopter website, see more here: http??www.redbackaviation.com

Redback Aviation has spent many thousands of dollars researching and developing their own prototypes for research and testing purposes.

About Redback Aviation:
Sample: Redback Aviation established in 2005 by Adam Aitken as an expert in the field of home built helicopters and kit helicopters. Redback Aviation offers best deals at the lowest price possible in the market. We provide the latest technology and information services with full client satisfaction. http://www.redbackaviation.com

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