Can this startup Dominate the Protective Case sector of the $81.5 billion Mobile Accessory industry?

Two young Canadian entrepreneurs believe they have made lost and broken phones a thing of the past.

New Startup Case Lace announced today that they are raising funds via a reward crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to boost the development of the world’s first phone case, wallet, lanyard hybrid. The company is setting out to raise $2,000 on Kickstarter to finish bringing the low-cost and elegant solution to lost and broken phones to market.

Case Lace is a four month old startup that is quickly gaining momentum in the fastest growing category of the mobile phone accessory industry: protective cases.

Case Lace co-founder Kyle Keith stated:
“we were looking to build a product that was aimed at preventing phone loss in the first place. There are thousands of geolocating and sensor based trackers to find your phone once you have misplaced it, and they all become essentially useless if somebody with malicious intent turns your phone off, or the battery goes dead. We have come up with the world’s first phone case, wallet, and lanyard hybrid which not only eliminates any fear of losing or misplacing your phone, but it has also been designed to be a piece that people really want to wear, a sort of fashion statement if you will.”

Case Lace has seen an overwhelming demand for the Case Lace through product development, and will be launching a kickstarter on May 19th to help with initial capital requirements to generate economies of scales with their manufacturers. Case Lace’s Kickstarter


will be live from May 19th to June 7th. During this time, customers will be able to pick up a Founder’s Club Case Lace, in limited edition packaging at $25 CAD ($20 USD) instead of the regular price of $38 CAD ($30 USD).

Case Lace has already developed a cult like following on Twitter (@CaseLaceProduct) and Instagram (@CaseLaceProducts) with hundreds of customers eagerly awaiting the launch of Case Lace.

Case Lace was co-founded by two childhood friends turned entrepreneurs in Calgary, Alberta in January of 2016. Kyle Keith, 25, comes from a background running an environmental and regulatory engineering firm. And Brendan Warawa, 25, is an athletic therapist who has dedicated his life to improving the health and wellness of those around him.

About Case lace:
Case Lace is introducing a revolutionary phone case/lanyard/card holder design that will change the way we use our phones forever! We want to make lost and broken phones a thing of the past! Kyle Keith, 25, co-founder of Case Lace, comes from a background running an environmental and regulatory engineering firm.

Case lace,
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Alberta, Canada,
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