Citronella Candles Rendered Obsolete

By | June 3, 2016

TWIN LAKES, WISCONSIN Citronella candles, the most popular outdoor
mosquito repellent have been rendered obsolete by a new natural outdoor repellent,
Citronella Outdoor Sticks™ . Recent scientific testing has shown that Citronella
Outdoor Sticks™ are 10x more effective in repelling mosquitoes than citronella
candles. Compared to Citronella Outdoor Sticks™ citronella candles are virtually
useless. Obsolete.
Lotus Brands, Inc of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin the distributor is ramping up sales for
the third season and now releases the conclusions of scientific testing which proves
it is the most effective natural Mosquito outdoor repellent ever tested. Widely
published biological researcher, Jonathan Matias, Director at Poseidon Sciences
designed and ran the testing.
The product is Citronella Outdoor Sticks™, a smoking mosquito repellent made
with six different essential oils including citronella. Adding five other plant oils to
citronella seems to supercharge the repellent effect. These five oils are thyme,
rosemary, lemongrass, geranium and geraniol. They were chosen because of their
effectiveness as repellents in the scientific literature. Synergistically with they
create the magnified repellent action of Citronella Outdoor Sticks™ over citronella
fragrance alone. This DEET-free repellent is one of the best for those choosing to
use natural repellents instead of synthetic chemicals.
This new formulation was tested against the standard formula 3% citronella candle.
Citronella Outdoor Sticks™ was 1000% more effective than citronella candles at
repelling mosquitoes. In other words, 10x more effective on average.
Citronella Outdoor Sticks™ burn for approximately one hour once lit. A package
has ten sticks and is economically priced at the cost of most citronella candles.
Several sticks can be placed around an outdoor area to increase outdoor enjoyment.
They have a fragrance that is reminiscent of waking up in a citrus grove.
This all-natural product can be found in many health food stores, and in leading
health chains such as Sprouts, Fruitful Yield, NRG, and selected Whole Foods
stores. Citronella Outdoor Sticks™ are also sold in selected Bed, Bath and Beyond
stores. Retailers & online are being added constantly to the list of outlets offering the
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