A versatile breakthrough innovation from NAD & DAN

By | July 2, 2016

In the coming month of June, NAD &DAN will be releasing an innovating yet versatile electric brush on Amazon. The brush will be a straightener, hair brush, styling brush and a scalp massage all in one.
From the tradition ways of buying different tools for the hair, this electric hair brush will help in saving money and buying of too many junkies. The 360 non grip electric hair straightening brush comes with easy to use instructions, and is comfortable for any gender. Has an LCD setting screen, and an on or off button to power the brush. According to hair heat compatibility, it’s easy to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The temperature range fits thick hair to delicate hair. With thick hair the temperature range is 410-446°F, delicate hair 338-392°F and wavy hair 374-410°F. Each temperature specification has its own button, making it easier to know what kind of heat is recommended for what hair type.
The hair brush is made with ceramic plate, which produces negative ions that will make hair looks vibrant and healthy. The negative ions rejuvenate, replenish and strengthen hair by reducing frizz and static electrical build up. The electrical brush detangles hair making it look natural and easy for styling. The worry of living the brush on by accident isn’t necessary, the brush automatically powers off after a period of time. Its portable design makes it easy to carry it anywhere any place.

The versatility of this comb makes it attractive. It’s a brush that detangles hair, hair straightener, scalp massaging brush and gives anti frizzy hair look making hair look all natural and vibrant. The packaging of this product from NAD &DAN includes a free 29 page E-Book. To place an order visit,

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