UTS Launches Industry First Live Translation Platform: Live Document Translation

Live Translation Agency today announced the launch of new and affordable services called Live Document Translation – technology enhancements, exciting new features and an intuitive new user interface – new services where you can have a translator on the phone to tell you the content of a document or letter. This is an Intermediate solution before translating content of a document written in another language.

“As our promises to always deliver an end to end work flow solution that incorporates effectiveness, being one of the world leading translation agency, improvement and innovation is our watch-word. That is why we are proud and honoured to be an inaugural pioneer of this new service. It is a document live translation through telephone” Anita Huisman, General Manager said.

Written translations are calculated per word and can be very expensive. On the other hand, most people only need to know what the document is about in order to decide if it’s worth it to spend money on translation or not. With phone translation, price is calculated per minute. It is cheaper, faster and more convenient.

“We have worked with our clients over many years with our highly successful translation solutions and have built on this deep customer knowledge to extend our offering further. Phone translation is the next step and it will go a long way to integrate seamlessly with our core functionality which is excellent service” Huisman said.

Phone translation is online services that involve creating an account for free, upload the document with the language you cannot read or understand, select both the language of the document and your native language and finally select the time you want to have the translator on the phone.

Live Document Translation is part of Universal Translation Services – a world leading online translation agency, a company of over 15 years in existence and having a world record experience in document translation. Its new idea, phone translation services is a platform that allows you to have an effective, accurate and fast document interpretation through phone. A brand new service where you can save on your translation budget by finding out in advance if the document or paper is really needed to be fully translated! You can save about 70 per cent on your translation budget.

To learn more about Live Document Translation, visit http://www.live-document-translation.com/ and watch the video.

About Live Document Translation:
Anita Huisman has been in the translation business for over 15 years. Live Document Translation is an innovative, industry first platform which offers customers direct access to professional translators by phone to understand the content of their foreign written document – a state of the art solution to cut down translation costs by up to 70%.

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