Zaful Engineers Divulge On the Latest Payment SecurityGlobalegrow Puts Customer Satisfaction First

SHENZHEN, China, July 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s shopper is more aware of cyber security and the need to keep their personal and payment information private. Unlike other big name ecommerce giants, Zaful has a track record of never losing or sharing any private information and is a result of an engineer team constantly at work. Senior engineers at Zaful recently discusses what to look for when shopping online and how Zaful is already doing them.

Registration as a secure website is the number one thing a customer should look for before doing business with a website. Many sites are not acclaimed or hold certification as being secure and there is often good reason for it. A secure website that will not leak customer information should have the following registration banners at the bottom of its page: McAfee Secure, TrustWave and DMCA Verified. Sites with these badges are usually deemed safe from hackers and considered legitimate. A reseller rating score and PayPal verification is also essential to have. This shows that the merchant is honest in their sales. Zaful can say that it has all of these verifications and is always looking to find and patch any bugs that could cause security issues.

Consumers do not want their credit card numbers falling in the wrong hands, one wrong purchase could land a customer’s information in the wrong hands. If a legitimate merchant cannot keep their users safe than no one will want to work with them. At Zaful the company uses a secure PCI standard risk control system. These highly embedded control systems are powerful enough to scan and analyze each purchase to ensure that the purchase is not fraudulent or leaked to outside sources. Credit card companies will be promptly notified if any fraudulent activity occurs and they will to get in contact with the card holder immediately.

Sometimes technology cannot be enough to weed out bad transactions. Beyond what other companies do, Zaful has a team to manually check over every transaction. If orders look out of line or fraudulent Zaful will have their team contact the payment company to flag possible fraudulent behaviors. The payment company will work with Zaful to ensure orders are legitimate before they are shipped. This reduces fraudsters receiving packages using another person’s card. You can also visit other secure websites from Globalegrow such as SammyDress and Rosegal to get more information about payment security.

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