My Parts Club™ – A New APP That Will Fix The Never Ending Issues Of Car Maintenance

By | July 25, 2016

My Parts Club™ is launching a first of its kind membership program that will benefit car owners and mechanics. The idea is to help car owners maintain their vehicles without the hassles of finding a reputable workshop and overpaying for automotive parts. My Parts Club™ serves as a mechanical concierge that can coordinate numerous functions depending on the packages its members opt-in. For a nominal monthly price, members can select packages that suits their driving habits & budget. The packages include a lifetime supply of car parts, 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, and pre-paid mechanic servicing. Available parts range from brake pads, air and oil filters to fuel filters and wiper blades with more products to be added in the future.

My Parts Club™ is created to solve common problems associated with car maintenance. There’s been an ongoing fear after bringing a car to a mechanic and receiving an inflated bill that is much higher than the initial estimated price. My Parts Club™ has partnered up with mechanics nationwide to address this problem with a pre-paid “Installation” fixed price business model to address the said fear. The members who have purchased packages can claim the allowed annual quantity of car parts on their dashboards and will have the option to deliver their parts straight to their door for a DIY job, or send the parts to an authorized service center. The program will provide a list of approved mechanics in their proximity with the exact prices -not estimates- to install the parts. The members can enjoy true price transparency and make “apples to apples” comparisons from a list of authorized service centers in their locality which can be sorted based on price, rating or distance.
The need for car maintenance continues to grow as total cost of car ownership has been rising steadily each year. My Parts Club™ has made preventive car maintenance more affordable. Considering there are 260 million cars in the US with the owners averaging $1000 per year on maintenance costs, My Parts Club™’s structure and pricing can help reduce this cost by up to 70% annually. Babak Ras, CEO of My Parts Club™, explains “We have seen a wave of startups disrupting rigid industries but none have attempted to facilitate the affordability and hassle of car maintenance.”
Following a busy development period lasting over 9 months, the platform’s July launch has been a great success, attracting over 1000 users in just 24 hours. The appeal of My Parts Club™ is to

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My Parts Club™ is a program launched in partnership with ECOBREX®, a world-class manufacturer and supplier of premium aftermarket automotive parts with a global distribution network covering over 60 different countries. My Parts Club™ offers a unique and extremely convenient & hassle-free solution to car owners, taxi & fleet drivers to get a limited lifetime supply of replacements parts & maint

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