SkyHistory – a full featured Skype chat history manager

By | August 3, 2016

SkyHistory enables you to store and manage Skype messaging, filter chats and browse through saved conversations chronologically.


There is no more need to make your way through piles of personal messages to find valuable pieces of information you received a couple of days ago. SkyHistory is a Skype account manager to categorize all the chats with the date and time. It is available now with our built-in calendar which lines up all the chats in chronological order. We built in a calendar which lines up all the chats in chronological order.

The redeeming feature of SkyHistory is its intuitive and straightforward interface. You can download the free version here and browse your chat history with pleasure. Moreover, we provide a 30-day trial version without limitations.

You could also bookmark the key messages to get the immediate access to important texts. This feature is available only for a full version of SkyHistory (license purchasing is necessary). One more paid feature is a search bar to find keywords of crucial Skype chats when the date of the conversation simply slips out of your mind.

How it works:

  • First of all our app creates a database which imports all previously saved Skype chat history (full version), 5-day chat history (free version). In other words, it works with a separate GUI based chat manager and all your contacts are imported unchanged, including Skype lists titles and the group structure.
  • Upon your wish, you could sift through what part of chat history will make up the core of your database. In case you have no desire to keep tracking conversations with some people you could disable that function.
  • SkyHistory Dev team created an above-average feature: your database could be located on a portable device (stick, drive). It means that any device you are using to skype will have manageable Skype browsing  tool at hand.


More information about SkyHistory you can find on the product page


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