WinGPG – simple yet secure way to protect your data

By | August 3, 2016

Encryption of sensitive data is a key element of any privacy either corporate or individual. There is no need picturing how it feels like to realise that the third party is using your personal information.


Nowadays the protection of sensitive information is an actual and important problem, and one of the best software solutions for privacy protection is PGP and it’s Open Source implementation – GnuPG (GPG).

However, from our point of view, there were no utilities that offer an easy and effective GUI to use it on Windows. That’s why we have developed our own open source solution, a special ‘shell’ for GPG. It looks like many other similar products but our software is easily manageable and is really intuitive.

WinGPG developed by Scand Ltd. is a tray-based classical Windows application and a classic GPGv2 distribution (we use the cryptography from the official site without making any modifications).


It supports the following operations:

  • Encryption/Decryption (we offer automatic zipping at encryption time, so your files are ready to be transmitted via email or any instant messenger immediately)
  • Signature/Verification
  • Key management (create, import, export, revoke)


WinGPG main operational features are:

  • WinNT Explorer support via context menus
  • Global shortcuts working from the active explorer window or clipboard
  • Clipboard support for both texts and files
  • No complicated setup, you only run a batch file

WinGPG is a fully functional tool, which offers the user an opportunity to manage keys and files easily. Password protected keys, default keys, and other useful tricks are available with WinGPG.


Download links:

Setup, both 32 and 64 bit: WinGPG-1.0-setup.exe

Portable version, 32bit:

Portable version, 64bit:

This product is provided ‘AS IS’ under the terms of the GNU GPL v3.

‘AS IS’ under the terms of the GNU GPL v3.

As WinGPG is an open source utility, you can download the source code.


Please, proceed to full-featured description of WinGPG and our post on this product in the company blog.

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