Coach to Client: The Application to Empower Coaches and Clients

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. August 15, 2016 – As lifestyle choices are emerging as the primary causes of chronic disease and death, Tiffany Smith created Coach to Client, an application that facilitates the movement towards preventative and mobile healthcare. Coach to Client is an easy-to-use application that allows clients to communicate directly and securely with their coaches while providing coaches with valuable insight about their clients behavior patterns.

Elaborated for both Apple and Android devices, Coach to Client is a centralizing organizational tool including personalized surveys, private chat platforms, and goal-focused group forums that provide both coaches and clients with a communication platform to effectively achieve long-term positive health outcomes. The application is simple, automated, and affordable, creating a private information database while balancing the fine line between the professional and personal aspects of the coach-client relationship.

“I was sitting with one of my first clients when he said to me, ‘I wish there was a way we could talk every day.’ I went home that day and jumped on the web only to find outdated, complicated coaching software that would take forever to learn and use. I saw a big gap in coaching and healthcare technology so I started to map out the way I would want the perfect software to work: easy to use, effective, and super-affordable. It’s exciting to think about a coach being so connected to a client that they can assist them in the tiny, intimate moments where decisions are made and habits are broken or built,” recounts Tiffany Smith, the founder of Coach to Client.

As a certified holistic health coach and yoga instructor, Smith constantly looks for ways to affect people’s lives for the better through diet and nutrition. Together with the DS Xpress mobile application development team, she has successfully created the Coach to Client application, currently available in beta form.

Those interested in Coach to Client can be the first to use it with exclusive access to its beta form until September 21st, 2016. Rewards and promotions including 25% lifetime discounts on personalized nutrition services and exclusive behavior design classes are available for a limited time only.

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Primary features include: Secure chat; Customizable, one-touch daily surveys; Push messages; Message scheduling; Coaching groups and forums; Quick referral generation.

About Coach to Client:
Tiffany Anne Smith is an expert in the field of lifestyle and habit change and is well versed with the demands of coaching for health. Coach to Client is a company established in 2016 by Tiffany Anne Smith to provide the best coaching software in the field of health and wellbeing.

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