TouchZ is a bug tracking tool for iOS

By | August 25, 2016

Free open source iOS library facilitating mobile application testing


The library TouchZ was released on August 15 and its main aim is to help testers and software application developers to simplify the process of mobile app testing.

This bug tracking library is developed by Scand Ltd. to be integrated into an iOS project and is ready to use. If the app is active and being tested, it evokes screenshots being taken automatically. This feature is activated by any activity on the sensor screen of the gadget. Thus, TouchZ developers prevented screenshots being taken non-stop.

It’s easy to get access to the archive or TouchZ settings. Simply draw Z on the screen.

Any time during the app testing period it is possible to organize and send all or some of the screenshots to the developers of the tested app. It is possible through:

  • email;
  • cloud;
  • sharing or export the archive with the shots to other programs. Pick the needed shots up and press ‘Share’.

The two really strong sides of this mobile library are at the same time the main features of the project:

  • Screenshots have additional information on the date when they were taken.
  • Screenshots show your tap activity. There is an arrow showing the gesture performed in the picture.


To integrate this iOS library into your project:


  1. Add line ‘pod ’TouchZ’ to Podfile in your project.
  2. Run ‘pod install’ from Terminal.
  3. Replace principalClassName argument (nil by default) with @‘TZApplication’ in main.m file of the project.

This library is provided “AS IS” under the terms of the GPL. It requires iOS 8.0 or higher.


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About Scand Ltd.:


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