How to Commission a Portrait Painting

By | August 29, 2016

Below is a real story of one our clients of how hard he faced when he trying to commission a portrait painting.
Omitted his real name for privacy reason, just call him Jack.
Jack lives in San Francisco, USA, middle age with two kids, one boy and one girl, a beautiful and a wise wife, Warm and sweet. Descent Job, with warm Family makes him be confidence on everything.
One day, his father in law pass away, this give great sorrow to his family. To Memorize the kind old man, the couple decide to make a portrait painting for him and another of the whole family(6 figures there, old couple, younger couple and kids).

This is not a big thing, Jack thought he could make it just with a few phone call.

Happenedly, one his friend know a local portrait artist, Although not that famous, while still skillful. under the friends recommendation, Jack decided to have a visit before any decision been made.

On one weekend, the couple visited the artist in his studio, quite nice works displaying there. Although the artist not that nice and have little words with them, they still had tried to communicate with him and have a conversation about their own needs. The final conclusion is that the two paintings will be charged around 2000 bucks and need to wait around 4 months at least.

Money is within budget, while they do not want to wait that long. This try gives no result, decision in the air.

Then they come back to see any chance for a good artist online. They still prefer local ones, at least in the United States. Yes, they did, they found quite a few ones. Price various from 500-3000 dollars and the most fast one could make it within 1 week. They finally decided to choose him.
Payment, wait, one week later, they are excited for a dreamed artwork. They waited the whole day, seems nothing happen, even without any call from the artist studio.
“Ok, maybe he is too much busy and forget this, Be nice, he will call me tomorrow”
But the next day, still nothing been heard.
Then, they decided to give the artist a call, the answering quite depressing, the painting not started yet for some reason, they need to wait a few days longer……..
Ok, they wait….

Any 10 days later, they finally get their paintings.
But, unfortunately, the painting is totally not what they are expecting. They had shown me the pictures, Kandinsky style, nice, but not what they expected. Then Refund( they get 50% back), seek another one, long story, finally us- paintingiant art.

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