In Tough Times, Charities Leaving Donor Cash on the Table

By | September 12, 2016

Scott H. Lewis says he’s found a “magic formula” that charities can use to collect thousands in cash donations from a source they haven’t tapped before – and he’s created a company to help them cash in, at no cost to the organization.

His company, Affinity House, has assembled all the elements needed to generate thousands of dollars for local, regional – even national – non-profit groups from churches and youth organizations to schools and hospitals.

“Any non-profit with IRS tax-exempt status qualifies,” Lewis says. “The bigger the organization, the more money they can collect from our program.”

Lewis said that the ideal charity has at least 5,000 active supporters.

“If the group has members and donors who are passionate about the charity’s work, it’s a great fit for our program,” Lewis said. “Any organization that enjoys significant public support can benefit.”

The Affinity House fundraising program brings together nonprofit organizations and passionate donors together with participating Realtors® for an innovative program that Lewis says is aimed at “making communities safer, healthier and happier places.” \

The Affinity House program matches charities’ supporters with real estate professionals who direct part of their commissions to the client’s preferred charity. The process is handled seamlessly at closing by an escrow agent, resulting in a tax-deductible charitable deduction for the agent’s client.

“This is a three-way win,” the Tampa Bay, Florida man said. “The real estate agent gets a client, the charity gets needed support, and the client gets a tax deduction and feels great.”

Charities and Realtors® can enroll in the program at no cost, Lewis said. Full information is available at

About Affinity House:
About Affinity House, LLC The Affinity House fundraising program brings together nonprofit organizations and their passionate donors with participating Realtors®, creating a ‘triple win’ situation that raises money for great charities, delivers tax deductions to donors and brings clients to real estate professionals.

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