Share Your Love for Punch TV Studios in a National Television Commerciol

Punch TV Studios is growing across the country following the successful announcement of its IPO at $1 per share and is looking for individuals to be a part of a national television commercial. This is a great opportunity to be on television and to make your voice heard!

The commercial will focus on Punch TV Studios and will air across it’s new television division Punch TV Network and throughout Punch TV distribution channels; a combined audience of tens of millions of households!

It will feature testimonials from viewers sharing why they love Punch TV Studios, as well as stockholders explaining why you should invest in this one-of-a-kind company and why the IPO is a great opportunity. This is your chance to share your thoughts and your love for Punch TV Studios with the world.

“I want our company to initially be owned by the community and not those fat-cat Wall Street Bankers,” said Joseph Collins, Punch TV Studios CEO. “That’s why we are showing people how to take a $1 stock offering and turn it into wealth. Financial freedom is very important to me, but I want to hear from you. We want to know what the Punch TV Studios stock offering means to you. I can’t wait to see your videos!”

Those interested in being a part of the commercial should send a video testimonial to or tweet your video testimonial on Twitter to @PunchTVStudios. Please include your contact information with the video clip and keep submissions to a maximum of two minutes. You may be included in a national television commercial. No financial compensation is provided.

Learn more about Punch TV Studios and how to become a stockholder for only $1.00 per share today at

About Punch TV Studios:
Punch TV Studios is the first & only company doing an IPO targeted to the urban market. We are providing a unique investment opportunity that will allow the urban community to invest in the future of multi-media. Join us as we bring wealth and jobs to the urban community. $1 Per share!

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