Elena Khlibko on the Moscow Fashion Week

By | November 13, 2016

During the Moscow Fashion Week our attention attracted by not only the collections of leading fashion brands, but also the outfits of celebrities.
And one of the brightest stars who visits fashion shows regular is actress Elena Khlibko – she is the one who knows how to effectively appear in public!

For 6 days the actress visited fashion shows of Valentin Yudashkin, Victoria Andreyanova, Humariff, Oscar & Rebel, Annette Hoffmann, Natasha Drigant, Artem Krivda, Alina Assi, SHIYAN, Alla Couture, Kuteiko, Borismama, Maria Shosheva, Yanina Couture and other famous brands… demonstrating outfits worthy of the best shows.

The first actress visited show of Valentin Yudashkin, it was official Moscow Fashion Week opening. For this show Elena Khlibko chose silver dress in the style of the 80s and brutal jewelry by Steampunk BDSM.

Jewelry Steampunk BDSM also become the main focus of the actress’s outfit. In Steampunk BDSM jewelry Elena visited shocking show of Victoria Andreyanova and shows of Natasha Drigant and of Artem Krivda.

Elena managed to steal the show and during the SHIYAN fashion defile: while the actress was wearing a long blue dress and extravagant black clutch.

And arriving at the Maria Shosheva and Yanina Couture fashion shows actress surprised the audience with another extravagant detail: boho chic hairstyle.

Elena Khlibko. Moscow Fashion Week