Orlando Real Estate Agent Drastically Increases Interest In Homes

By | November 17, 2016

Local real estate agent uses an innovative marketing approach to attract 50 to 100 buyers to a home within just 48 hours! This technique is creating massive interest from home buyers and multiple offers on every home she sells utilizing this approach!

Orlando, FL – November 17, 2016 – With so many homeowners needing to get absolute top dollar from their home sale, choosing the right person to promote their property is more important than ever. Local agent Torey Eisenman has pioneered an amazing marketing plan entitled the Best Bidder Home Sale which gets 50 to 100 buyers into a property within only one weekend.

With her proprietary mass marketing, Torey Eisenman creates a tremendous buzz in town concerning the property she is planning to sell that weekend. Everything from signs to ads to people at each intersection known as “Sign Spinners”, she is able to attract 50 to 100 home buyers into a property within a 2 day open house.
This approach gets a minimum of 5 bidders on each home and creates a “feeding frenzy” where the buyers are competing against each other to purchase the hottest property on the market. When buyers are competing to purchase a home, it drastically increases the final sales price.

While Torey won’t reveal everything regarding her secret marketing technique, we’ve seen that she starts the bidding process extremely low, creating massive interest from the buying community. As with all home sales, the seller can accept or reject all offers so as the buyers interest level increases, so does the offer values.

It’s not uncommon for this approach to sell homes for MORE than the seller originally wanted for their property. This creates a win/win for everyone involved. The Best Bidder Home Sale is only offered by 100 certified agents in the United States and it has been featured on NBC, FOX, CBS and CNN. Fortunately, Orlando, FL has one of those agents in Torey Eisenman with Benchmark Real Estate Group, Inc. Taking the industry by storm, this exclusive marketing approach has created fast home sales and extremely excited home sellers.

The results locally have been outstanding. “I’ve been successful in selling 100% of the homes that we’ve marketed with this exciting approach. It gets the home sold fast and for top dollar and that is what the home sellers are looking for in today’s market,” said Torey Eisenman of Benchmark Real Estate Group, Inc. “Unfortunately, we only have 4 weekends per month to utilize this approach and our schedule fills up quickly”. To speak directly with Torey Eisenman concerning your home, you can call 407-230-6836.

About Torey Eisenman at Benchmark Real Estate Group, Inc.: Licensed since 1989, Torey Eisenman is considered a marketing specialist, more so than just a typical real estate agent. As one of only 100 agents certified as a Best Bidder Home Sale Specialist, she takes great pride in being able to sell properties fast and for top dollar. While she’s very selective on the projects that she will accept, she always offers a free phone consultation to anyone thinking of selling their home in the near future.