When Escape Rooms Hit The Road

By | November 22, 2016

Tom Razca, the key player behind Trapped Mobile recently announced the launch of a new range of exciting Escape Rooms which are built on the ‘on the road’ concept -instead of the players usually going to the Escape Room for a thrilling adventure, the Escape Room itself comes to a venue of their choice. The team’s services includes customizing your office or venue space to a suitable escape room, in addition to offering adjustable difficulty levels and choice of multiple rooms.
Escape Rooms are quickly becoming the game of choice for most party-planners and event organizers as they offer physical adventure, intellectual stimulation and social interaction all in one package. Based on ‘escape the room’ video games, a typical session involves a team solving various puzzles and unlocking a room within a set time limit. However, in most cases, interested players are required to travel to a particular place to experience the game, which may be inconvenient or time-consuming for some.
This is where Trapped Mobile’s new range of services comes into play.
Working primarily in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area, Trapped Mobile caters to clients from New York City to Washington DC. They deliver the Escape Room to the party itself- by converting one’s home, hotel, motel, office, club or any other pre-decided and convenient space to an Escape Room. They thus make planning a birthday celebration, corporate party, anniversaries or even a date night much easier.
Trapped Mobile’s games are meticulously designed to facilitate maximum entertainment and interaction for the team. Each room is essentially a mystery-puzzle solving game wherein the players are expected to discover hidden objects, unlock secret passageways, and unravel the clues to escape the locked room. Moreover, to ensure a more immersive experience, Trapped Mobile also employs special effects and modern technology in designing each room. Furthermore, each game has a time limit of 60 minutes and varying difficulty levels to cater to both amateurs and seasoned players.
One of Trapped Mobile’s most popular Escape Rooms is called ‘Escape the Da Vinci Code’ and is extremely family friendly. Using clues from the Fibonacci sequence, history, the Holy Grail myth and trivia, the game comes in two difficulty levels (intermediate and difficult) and offers an hour of nerve-wracking brain exercises and team building.
Trapped Mobile’s latest announcement is sure to be of interest not only to escape room enthusia

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