Single Muslims In The UK, There Is Still Hope!

By | December 1, 2016

Are you a single Muslim? Can’t find a partner? Tired of being alone?! Great news! Through the power of trial and error we have founud a solution to your lonely lingering.

If you found your future hubby via online dating, you may have a slight issue when introducing the happy chappy to your parents; “oh…so you met online” will be followed by awkward smiles and an even more awkward dinner. Not to worry, we can avoid this by doing it the Ernest Halal-way; put your trust in Hum Marriage Bureau. They are a Muslim matchmaking marriage agency for any single Muslim living in the UK. With a huge database of Muslim singles and an incredible success rate, Hum Marriage is growing rapidly and loudly.

We compared their prices and service with the likes of other leading marriage agencies to get a fair understanding of how they perform. Our findings were…shocking

The level of service Hum Marriage provides is similar to that of another marriage agency based in the South of England, which is all fair and well. However, when we compared prices, we were gobsmacked! The agency down South charge an upfront cost of around £500 plus an additional fee of £200 upon marriage. This may not mean much to you now but get this – Hum Marriage charge £79 up front, with no additional fees…And after comparing the level of service offered by the two, we found in actual fact, Hum Marriage topped the chart! With an out of hours number for clients, a money back guarantee, matchmakers handpicking potentials, personal profile advice, a tailored service unique to the individual and more, they really are outdoing themselves.

The level of service was outstanding, and at an unbelievable price, this place seems ideal for the single Muslim looking to settle down. But how does this Bureau make the process more “halal”? We spoke to Solomon, a Client Manager at Hum Marriage to find out.

“Most of our client’s profiles are set up by family members, meaning parents will discuss potential matches with other parents. They will decide as a family whether or not they wish to proceed, and if so, arrange for both families to meet”

I suppose this does take out the ‘dating’ aspect and makes it more Islamically ‘correct’.
I also suppose we have found a Muslim marriage bureau that provides a safe way to find Muslim partners without the need to sift through fake profiles online on a saturday night. Fantastic, at least i’m free this Saturday…

Check them out here –

About Hum Marriage:
Hum Marriage Bureau is a Muslim MatchMaking Marriage Agency for single Muslims all over the UK. Hum Marriage specialises in matching Muslim singles according to a number of parameters. With a high success rate and a large database of clients Hum Marriage is the UK’s fastest growing Muslim marriage bureau.

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