Lunatic!: Post A Prayer has launched a new ‘online prayer’ website, San Diego CA

By | December 2, 2016

SAN DIEGO – Nov. 30, 2016 – PRLog — I’m Scott Turner and I started the site Post A Prayer .org in 2004, by putting up a simple html web form webpage which would collect the prayer request information or prayer post from people who were praying. Originally it was a Christian only site. I converted the site into a multi-faith website that would collect prayers for all of the major religions in the world such as Islam prayers. I know how much of a sinner you may think I am if you’re a Christian, but this was the direction Post A Prayer was going in.

2004 – For years I thought it would be simple to optimize a website for prayer. Wrong! It is not easy. I am a hobbyist html SEO/SEM coder, and when I first designed the html code for Post A Prayer it was on a layout based on world locations. Everything was going okay. I would get a few christian prayers here, and a few Islam prayers there daily. But overall I was and still am disappointed with my SEO success. The site was always getting a ton of spam posts from people posting their porno website links and Gucci hand bag sites to back link to there site. So I had a part-time job just cleaning out the junk the site forum would receive. I never really understood, why target my little site?

2012-Eight years later I was still not happy with my results and I then revamped Post A Prayer .org in 2012 and spent a couple thousand on the new look and feel of the site. I had never spent a dime up to this point because I did the coding for the site myself. I was at the twilight of my working days running a field inspection company and thought what the heck. The newly hired developer in Pakistan was and is brilliant, just simply brilliant. I put him through the ringer in developing the site. It was very custom becasur it was taking a prayer posted and stamping it into a forum. So some heavy duty custom html/php code was needed. On top of that the site was built in a CMS called Joomla by the hired developer in Pakistan (who I call Baber). It turned out great but I realized quick I was co dependent on Baber. As an html coder I was very excited about the new horizon of Post A Prayer Org, its online prayers and its visitors because of all the extensions in Joomla. I spent another couple hundred running a PR Web ad to get some good solid back links to the site and it worked good. Not great, but good. Truth be told, I am writing this entry not because I enjoy writing or because I am an overly spiritual person.

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