Cawing Crow Press Book Release

By | January 8, 2017

Cawing Crow Press is pleased to annunce that they will be publishing four new titles this month.
These titles include:

Intersections by Robert Campbell
Chasing the Elusive by Edward Beekman-Meyers III
Of Life and Magic by Bruce Slater
Out of the Lips of Silence by Charlotte Walsh
She Thought the Door was Locked by Susan Hubner

Cawing Crow Press is proud to be taking these five authors from submision to publication in our unique publishing platfrorm.
We at Cawing Crow Press are excited for ours and thier sucess in this ever changing publishig market.
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About Cawing Crow Press LLC:
Craig Grossman is the owner and founder of Cawing Crow Press, s book publishing company. Cawing Crow Press was established in 2013 and is currently publishing books in the fiction and poetry genres, although we accept subissions in all genres.

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