Jordan’s Ekeif is the Arab world’s website for how-to videos

By | January 22, 2017

In a cyberworld where Arabic content timidly holds 2% of the spectrum, Jordanian entrepreneur Sima Najjar is valiantly sowing the seeds for a video revolution with her Arab version of “E-How”.

Ekeif, led by the dynamic winner of Cartier’s prestigious 2013 Middle East Regional Award, is an online Arabic content company that provides ‘how-to’ videos, with a large user base in Saudi Arabia. Some of the companies can be considered social enterprises, as they are creating social impact in the education, arts or environmental sectors

“Our how-to videos went viral as soon as we started, with zero marketing budget!” Sima says. “We have over 1.6 million views per month, which shows how Arabic content is highly needed in the region”, she adds.The most popular tutorial, “How to braid your hair”, has garnered nearly 2.1 million views.

Today, contains more than 5000 videos, and captured over 80 Million views and 255K social media subscribers.

Ekeif promotes user generated content through an Android app and a web portal hosting 5,000 videos to date, ranging from makeup tutorials, food recipes, to explanations of everyday science questions.

Ekeif nowadays presents itself as an Arabic community, that can be in both mobile and PC, with its website and application.

About Ekeif:, the largest Arabic Howto videos community, is a website that produces short “how to” Arabic video content targeted to Arabic speaking users, focusing on 6 different important categories for woman, family and society. The website contains more than 5000 videos, and captured over 80 Million views and 290K youtube subscribers.

‘Amman, Jordan,