Symbiosis Law School – Developing World-class Lawyers

By | February 22, 2017

Indian Judicial System is the oldest in the world and that is a known fact. With the reputation of being the oldest legal system, it also has the reputation of having a never ending list of pending cases. Statistics suggest that there are about 18 million pending cases in India’s district courts and lower courts. This gives a clear idea of the situation of legal system in our country. With such an apathetic situation, it becomes important that awareness about the legal system is created among the citizens of the country. This will help two-fold – first, it will help in curbing the crime rates as people will think twice before committing a crime, and second, the country will have strong law makers who would work towards the protection of the law. The advent of things that will follow will give Indian judicial system a new turn

Seeing this urgent need to tackle all the unlawful situations and to give rise to law abiding citizens, there has been a rising number of law colleges in India. The young individuals of India dream of a better future of the nation and these law institutes provide them the platform to make their dream into a reality. The current situation is such that for every million people, India has 15 judges, the lowest in the world. So, it becomes essential to see that all the pending cases meet a final result and not just result but also justice.

Symbiosis Law School in Pune also houses individuals who dream of the same future. It has been 40 years now that SLS, Pune is producing lawyers who have been trying to bring a reform in the judiciary system. The students at SLS are imbibed with the values of righteousness and honesty from the day they set their foot in the college. These individuals carry one thought in their mind, ‘Justice should Prevail’. A good enough reason why SLS makes it to the list of top law colleges in India.

To refine the individuals in the best possible way, SLS Pune has five year law programme. This ensures that the students get an in-depth knowledge about the judiciary system. To get a practical exposure in the legal arena, moot courts are organized very frequently by the moot court association. This makes the students confident and strong enough to deal with the actual courtroom. SLS Pune offers its individuals two UG Programs, BA LL.B and BBA LL.B. Also, the students get to be a part of many law organizations in the form of internships. This gives them a wider perspective of the legal system, the best exposure any law colleges in Pune offers.

Till the time an individual comes out of Symbiosis Law School, Pune, he/she becomes a responsible, law abiding, and law respecting citizen of India, ready to bring a change in the judicial system.