Excavation work’s importance and Safety Precautions Associated with it

By | March 22, 2017

Excavation work is a very important part of the building process for any kind of a structure. The quality of the excavation work diminishes the precariousness of a building by strengthening its foundation. It is very crucial for the entire construction integrity of the infrastructure that the excavation work should be done with perfection. In addition to being among the most important works, excavation is also a very dangerous practice. Workers succumbing to serious injuries at construction sites are common but sometimes the harm is very critical.This is why Excavation Contractors must follow certain guidelines in order to maintain the safety of the labors and quality of the work.

Excavation work is considered to be any man-made cut, trench, cavity or depression in the surface of the earth caused as a result of earth removal. Its a technique which involves using heavy duty machinery, high-tension environment and lots of tools. Excavation work can happen at any location or site such as on a construction Site or in Public Areas or in Business Locations. The excavation work can be tagged as per the removal of the earth, such as Open Excavations, potholing, shafts, drives, trenches, retaining walls, etc. There are a number of applications of excavation work in the infrastructure development process. Even though the excavation work ensures the safety of the construction, the process itself is filled with dangers.

The excavation work is primarily dangerous because the failures can lead to immediate mishaps leading to unpleasant results. The possibility of human error is always there and in a setting which is absolutely moderately secure, things can rapidly digress for the worse. Hence, it is always better to know how to be safe and following guidelines will help you in just doing that.

  1. While digging, use safe digging practices by digging away from the nearby structures and not to undermine them

  2. Keep a track of the excavation work progress. Check the level of excavation before starting the work for the day and check the level again after finishing the excavation work of the day.

  3. Always maintain a safe passage to the work site and safety zone. Clear pathway between both the locations is very important to take necessary measures in times of certain incidents.

  4. One must not assume that the ground will stand unsupported and prevent collapse at all times by shore, bench or batter backing. It is especially advisable to the piling contractors in Mumbai as their work involves a critical phase of the foundation work.

  5. Different types of preventive techniques should be implemented while doing excavation work. Systems such as shoring and shielding are some of the techniques which can be employed to ensure the safety of the workers.

It is clear that the excavation work holds a sway in deciding the quality of a structure. Hence, it should be assured that the people who are contacted to do this kind of work should be experts in the infrastructure industry, should hold skills inpiling contractors in Mumbai , excavating and must possess best quality equipment for the work.