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By | April 1, 2017

Smilex Dental Speciality Center

Missing tooth or a broken one can create an impact on a person’s personality. Many a times some issue with the teeth makes people feel embarrassed to smile or talk, thus lowering down their confidence. But there’s nothing to be worried about, there are many ways in which the smile can be restored and you can have a natural smile again. Dental implantation is the answer. Although there exists many treatments such as braces and dentures, they can cause uneasiness to the patients. And because most people shiver in uttering the word Dentist, it is essential that dental treatment is carried out in a smooth and effective way. One way in which your smile will also remain intact and the dental procedure is also carried out without any problems is dental implantation.

Dental implants are replacing tooth roots to provide a strong base to the permanent or temporary tooth and make them look very close to natural teeth. The advantages of dental implants are many. It improves the appearance of your teeth and also improves the speech. Unlike other treatments, where you have so many restrictions in regard to thee food habits, in dental implantation there exists no such issues. Also, a broken or missing tooth is a sign of poor oral health and hence, through dental implantation you can maintain a good oral health. The next advantage is, because the tooth looks very much like the original one, it helps in bringing the lost confidence back. Dental implants are long lasting and are durable for many years. And, it also saves you from the embarrassment of removing the dentures again and again.

Looking at all the above benefits, dental implantation certainly becomes the best treatment to opt for. One important thing is, this treatment has to be carried out by extremely qualified professionals, so that it does not cause any problems to the patients after the treatment. And for anyone who is looking for the best implant center in Pune, Smilex is the option to consider. Smilex is one of the premium dental clinics in Pune, established in the year 2000. It is a leading dental implant provider in India and apart from this also offers services in guided Bone Regeneration, Adult Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, etc.

It is one of the leading healthcare chains and is lead by the best implantologist in Pune Dr. Vijay Deshmukh who has an experience in the dentistry field for more than 28 years now. Apart from this, Smilex has a team of dedicated professionals and highly advanced technology that makes it one of the best dental clinics in Pune. Also, the location of Smilex is ideal and the patient friendly environment makes this the best option for anyone suffering from any kind of dental issues.