Symbiosis Law School, Pune: Shaping The Lawyers of Tomorrow!

By | April 6, 2017

Law schools in the country have been regarded as ‘institutionalized mediocrity’  by our former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh. Whether this statement holds true is for the time to decide, but with rapid developments happening across all areas pertaining to education, one can see Indian law schools becoming centers of excellence in the near time to come. Thanks to the stature of law as one of the most decorated profession since the pre-independence times, one can see why it has emerged as one of the most sought after career option.

While there have been numerous National Law Universities (NLU) which have attested their reputation as the flag bearers of legal education in India, there are an unimaginable number of institutions that have been established for the younger generation who wish to be familiar with Indian legal system. Apart from the much coveted NLUs, institutes like Symbiosis Law School, Pune are providing high-quality legal education by the Indian standards. With a strict screening process for selection, students of SLS, Pune are highly competitive and accomplished in multiple facets. Since the fresher year, students of SLS, Pune attend moot courts abroad, receive scholarships to attend summer school at foreign universities, participate in national debates, write articles in top international law journals, while they were still in college. With the exposure and education at SLS, Pune, students end up joining top law firms in India and abroad with exorbitant pay packages, making it one of the top law colleges in India. Apart from excelling on the educational front, students are given the opportunity to be highly active in cultural events, rock fests, sports fests, film fests among other extra-curricular activities.

Law, unlike other forms of education such as engineering or medicine, has the freedom to be both professional as well as liberal. The degree while aiming at the acquisition of professional skills can be used to develop value-oriented, socio-cultural aspects pertaining to the everyday lives. With various courses ranging from 5 years, 3 years, individuals across the country can now pursue law courses to gain specialized knowledge in the field. By becoming the fastest growing profession all over the world, the field of law has earned the reputation of being one of the most lucrative, adventurous and exciting career paths to choose. Held in high esteem among every society, one can be assured of seeing lawyers changing economic and social scenario all over the world.