Release The “Dragons of Romania” – New Book Release from John M. Hardy Publishing

Dragons of Romania is series of fantasy novels written by Dan Peeler and Charles Rose, and published by John Hardy Publishing’s imprint Debe Ink. The Book series seeks to help middle-grade children understand more about their place in the world, their future, social and environmental issues.

Middle grade children between 11 – 14 years old are expressing independence from family becomes more important. Events such as starting school bring children this age into regular contact with the larger world. Friendships become more and more important. Physical, social, and mental skills develop quickly. This is a critical time for children to develop confidence in all areas of life, such as through friends, schoolwork, and sports. (Source: CDC Child Development)

Children in this age group show rapid development of mental skills and focus less on themselves and show more concern for others.

The main character is the old and wise teacher dragon, Lumea, is globe trekking with his newest student, Tanarul, to meet the Greater and Lessor Dragons of history, and share their encounters with humans, and lessons learned.

Throughout their global discoveries, Tanarul is introduced to dragons of fame, such as the nine headed Hydra of the Hercules fables, Tiamat, the goddess dragon of Ancient Mesopotamia, Quetzelcoatl, the feathered serpent dragon of the Mayan culture, Cosmina, the granddaughter of the dragon of St. George, the toxic Basilisk, the Bunyip, the bulldog-faced dragon of Australia, the gigantic Behemoth and dozens more of the most feared creatures of human history. From them, Tanarul is educated in the dragon’s point of view and learns the truth about his civil and misunderstood species.

But their journey quickly takes a turn toward high adventure as they discover the unstable state of their natural world, caused mainly by humankind’s destruction and disregard for the ecology. The polluted oceans and melting icecaps are causing problems for dragons and humans alike. The great dragon Leviathan, who has grown to be the length of Ireland has begun to stir from his hibernation in the North Pole. His wanderings could destroy the planet. There is only one choice. The League of Dragons must find allies among the humans to save both their races.

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