High Quality Dental Implants: Remedy for Tooth Loss

By | April 18, 2017

More than often people neglect & underestimate the importance of dental health. Unlike other body parts, teeth are not easily exposed to external factors such as dust or pollution. So its often ignored that they also need some taking care of. Apart from brushing your teeth twice a day and keeping a moderate distance from sugary or fatty food-items, one should be familiar with all other aspects of a good dental health, as the alternative can cost the loss of teeth. In this article, we will take a look at what leads to tooth loss and the remedies for that.

On a broader level, dental loss can be chalked up to three reasons, which are discussed below in detail:

  1. Habits:

You are what you eat!’, a well-known phrase which means that our body responds to the kind of habits we have. Bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol are proven reasons leading to tooth decay. Smokers are more likely to lose their teeth than non-smokers. It impacts the blood supply to the gums and aggravates severity of periodontal disease.

Apart from consumption of alcohol and smoking, other habits such as tooth grinding which in dental terms called as bruxism, wears down teeth and put excess force on the tissues supporting the them. Consequently, leading to bone loss which causes the teeth to lose their supporting bone. Similarly pain or swelling are also quite possible outputs, which can require a root canal. Smilex is an effective and trusted name for root Canal treatment in Pune since better half of the last two decades.

  1. Trauma:

Getting a tooth knocked out is a commonly known expression, which means loosing it due to some injury. If the tooth does not fall off due to trauma, the root fracture can be affected due to some developed infection over a period of months or years. The general venues of tooth loss due to trauma are contact sports like boxing, football, etc. which can fracture or injure a tooth leading to tooth loss.

  1. Neglect:

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is just winning half the battle. Rest of the responsibility falls under regular check-ups by a qualified dentist. Failing to go for regular dental check-ups may lead to tooth loss which can go unnoticed till it falls off. The hard deposit below the gum line or a slight mobility in your teeth demands a professional treatment should immediately be looked into.

The best remedy for a lost tooth is opting for dental implants which can fill the void of an empty tooth socket. While looking for the the best Implantologist in Pune, Smilex is one name that pops up. This dental clinic has helped a number of patients with installing dental implants and completing their smiles.