Cognition Expert, Tony J. Selimi, Featured on new documentary series “Living My Illusion”

By | May 2, 2017

Being in an unhealthy marriage is an epidemic more rampant and destructive than cocaine, drinking, and smoking. In fact, 30% to 60% of married individuals will engage in infidelity and 40% to 50% will divorce causing them some degree of depression, anxiety or diminished self-esteem impacting people’s health, bank accounts, and their ability to perform well in their daily lives.
In the new real life coaching documentary featuring Joel Van der Molen who is going through midlife crisis, Tony skilfully gets underneath the behaviours to find the real problem so that he can overcome adversity with ease and build the happiness and prosperity he so deeply craves. The documentary shows people how to see the unseen in ways they didn’t know possible, amplify people’s awareness and ultimately break free addictions, fears, and the cocoon that is stopping them from honouring their truth. But the message of the documentary goes beyond us as individuals; Selimi says “violence, abuse, and controlling issues happening in relationships can be prevented if the underlying fear is addressed accordingly.”

The documentary is of tremendous value to people in relationships, single people who want to attract a healthy relationship, and those who may have been separated. Living My Illusion documentary series truly breaks new ground say’s Selimi who recently appeared on Brian Tracey TV Show for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and their affiliate channels reaching over 40 million viewers.

It’s also been a hit among critics at the first press screening in New York at the Magno theatre too, with one recently writing, “I am inspired and intrigued by this films rawness and honesty. Thank you, Tony, Joel and Timea, for sharing your truth with such courage and love, you are giving viewers a new way to reconnect with their truth, hearts, and Divine within”. Laurie Cagno Witter-Singer and Songwriter

“Every person is looking for that kind of relationship that improves the overall experience of life, Tony’s TJS Method® and teachings are the answer to many people’s prayers.” said Joel Van der Molen, the MD of Vandercom and co-creator or Living My Illusion.

The documentary is dedicated to all of the people globally who may be suffering in silence, do not speak their truth, and are on a journey to maximise their human awareness and potential. Its vision is to produce real life client stories that move people into action.

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Tony J. Selimi is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, author, human behaviour and cognition expert known as The See-Through Coach specializing in assisting the owners of 6-9 figure businesses find solutions to their personal, family and business problems. TJS Cognition is a company established in year 2012 by Tony J. Selimi to provide best serives in the field of personal development.

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