Royal English has launched a new website, aimed at teaching languages

We offer you IELTS intensive course for your carrer. We also have general English course for children to adults. If you enroll our school, you can have free Japanese lessons as well.

We utilise Cambridge TESOL method to educate our students. We have very international environment, students come from various countries. We welcome all the studetns from different coutries.
Sometimes visiting Japan might not be so easy that you expect.
So, we support everything you to come to Japan, such as visa application, safe accommodation, transportation, travel imformation whatever you would like us to help.
As education extras, we have one day trip and excursion around Fukuoka,
Fukuoka is the one of the 5 biggest cities in Japan. Fukuoka is nearest city to the other Asian countries such as South Korea or China. Fukuoka is now open the gate to other Asian countries.

You have various chances to learn Japanese language and culture as well. Once you register the school, you may also apply for a working permission visa, which you can work for maximum 28 hours per week with. You might have a change to get a job in Japan as well and you might be able to you your English and Japanese languages skills.

Come to Fukuoka and learn English and Japanese!

About Royal English:
Sample: We are an authentic Biritsh English and Japanese language school in Fukuoka Japan. We teach both English and Japanese langauge. We use real Cambridge TESOL method. We also teach to children to adults. We offer general and academic English course. Royal English is a company established in year 1998 by Daniel Margrave to provide best serives in the field of teaching languages.

Royal English,
1F Parumu Nishijin,
29-33 Sohara, Sawara-ku,
Fukuoka – 8100053,
Fukuoka, Japan,
Phone: (+81) – 92407355,