3 Ways To Recover Financially From The Set Back Of Cancer.

By | June 15, 2017

Fitness expert Jana Marie Youssef, who also overcame cancer herself, said most people who have been through cancer treatment go an emotional roller coaster which nearly always ends with them falling into an anxiety or depression pit after the cancer is treated.

“One of the hardest moments for me was deciding ‘what am I going to do next” said Ms Youssef, 31, who endured a battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma this year.

“People would ask me how I was doing and I’d want nothing more than to say I’m trying to work again to feel normal,” she said.

“I really wanted to have my full time job back and be able to earn money and have goals.”

“Purchasing a home, launching a fitness business I had dreamed of – it was completely taken away from me during that year that I was battling cancer.”

“Its easy to rely on people around you to financially support you, but I recommend setting some after – treatment financial goals early on.”

“It’s also important to source out avenues of gaining financial funding.”

“There is financial help available, but most patients don’t even know its out there.”

“Post cancer patients need ongoing encouragement to get back on their feet financially – yet there really is very minimal ongoing support in this area.”

Ms Youssef suggested the following strategies;

• Creating daily financial goals: People who have suffered post cancer trauma can easily achieve financial goals again, and feeling less anxious about it.

• Talking to a community advocacy & education service: Aligning with an agency that will support post cancer trauma, helping them aim for financial goals.

• Practicing real goal sets in a small group: Most of those who have suffered from cancer and the treatments enjoy being around those who are like-minded, and know they are not alone.

Ms Youssef said that in most cases there is not enough ongoing financial support and solutions to assist cancer recovery enough.

Susan Richardson, a personal trainer, Melbourne mother of three kids and cancer fighter agreed.

“I had to stop working for six months as the chemotherapy was too aggressive,” said Mrs Richardson
“I had little or not ongoing financial support during that time.”

Ms Youssef has developed a five-day retreat in Thailand that helps people who have suffered post cancer trauma including ways to regain financial worries, overcome health and fitness struggles, as well as holidaying.

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