Lexere – An Executive Learning Resource Center has launched an online course

By | June 29, 2017

As many technically inclined chief executive officers are appointed to run different organizations; they are required to equip themselves with knowledge of strategic management in their new workplaces. Lexere, an executive learning resource center has designed an online course targeting Chief Executive Officers in medical sciences, engineering, operations, information management systems and other pertinent areas.
The future composition of CEOs and other Board Members will be dominated by those in fields such as Medical Sciences, IT, Operations, Engineering, etc. They may have little or no formal experiences in strategic management, the scope and depth of this course will expose them to everything they need to know in strategic management.

Technical CEOs should be aware of industry observation for its trends in future which predicted that… The Future is Software. ‘Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years. You should be frightened by now!
Are you a technical CEO in Medical Sciences, IT, Operations, Engineering and other pertinent areas who has just been promoted to run your organization?
Are you a technical board member or a senior manager aiming at the top of corporate ladder?
What is the level of your understanding of Strategic Management?
Do you know your decision can lift your organization up or lead it to corporate death?
If you find yourself suddenly at the top of a corporate ladder, are you going to panic for lack of little or no formal knowledge in strategic management?
How are you going to direct your organization to gain a competitive advantage over rivals?

You need to learn Strategic Management for Technical CEOs by taking this online course. The course has been arranged in a simple format containing natural technical languages with interpretations beginning with the fundamentals and progressing to the more complex ones. There’s also a video explainer to watch
The course will enable you to;
•Adopt strategic thinking approach to develop organizational core values or sustainability
•Craft organizational vision and mission statements that guide the development of strategic goals
•Identify types of strategy at different levels of organizational involvements and their strategic choice fits and many more. For more information or how to enroll, visit: http://lexere.teachable.com/
Cameron Mattis – cameron@teachable.com, Telephone number: +1 914 574 4094

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