Quality Services from Accountability: A Brief Overview

By | July 3, 2017

Accountabilityoffers a string of services related to debt or credit management. They include credit management services, deed searches, default management, access to collection services, judgement removal request and other member benefits. All of these services make it a complete and efficient solution for any entities facing debt or credit related problems.

Reasons to Choose Accountability

Accountability offers a complete set of tools and services that efficiently address any problem related to debt or credit risk. They are discussed in brief below.

  1. Member Benefits: Accountability provides various additional benefits to its members by keeping them connected and informed about the current market situation. They encourage networking and provide members with important legal documents andspecialist advice. The main aim is to equip its members with the tools necessary for recovering aged, outstanding receivables. They also provide them with updated scam or defaulter lists.
  1. Default Management: Accountability employs a range of risk mitigation techniques in order to manage the default of a member. These include the use of Form A, Form B and Form C in a step by step process, designed to address shortfalls in the event of a default.
  1. Access to collection services: Accountability has granted its members full access to the services of independently registered debt collectors. These are necessary steps that are taken if a member is not able to collect his own debt. Collection services include debt collection facilities with instructions to collect as much of the outstanding amount from a debtor as legally possible. They also engage in legal collections, where litigation is utilised to recover unpaid amounts or debts.
  1. Credit Management: Through connections with the major credit bureaus in South Africa, Accountability members have access to credit-active databases with more than twenty two million consumers and three million businesses.
  1. Deed Searches: Accountability provides Deed Searches, which allows members to access information about properties in South Africa. These include any property owned by a person, company or trust and include owner information, municipal value, and comparative sales among other critical information.
  1. Judgement Removal: This process allows all members to instruct affiliated attorneys to initiate the process of judgement removals. For many members, removing a judgement from their credit reports can help a great deal in increasing their individual credit scores. Overall, there are seven different ways of approaching the removal process, which is evaluated based on the nature of the case.

To learn more about Accountability and its services, you can visit their website at : https://www.accountability.co.za/

About Accountability
Accountability is a highly renowned web-based service that provides debt and credit risk management solutions to protect businesses by reducing risk. Their services can be used by any scale of business, which include start-ups, SMEs and even large corporates.

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