Tooltech: Your One-Stop Destination for Toolmaking

By | July 12, 2017

Tooltech is a renowned company in Cape Town that offers you a wide range of top quality services ranging from product designing, component production, toolmaking to logistics, shrink wrapping, packaging and printing. They strive to satisfy their clients by providing the right services according to their needs. They can be regarded as a one-stop service centre. This leading company has six divisions that are metal component production, toolmaking and engineering, plastic injection moulding, all chair components, PU moulded foam and all buckets and containers.

  • For toolmaking and engineering, there is a CNC toolroom in Tooltech that is fully equipped with all the required equipment. This room is especially reserved for designing as well as manufacturing plastic injection moulds, press tooling and PU foam. Their team consists of experienced and expert in-house engineers who have all the required knowledge and expertise to work with a product from the design stage to mould manufacture.
  • For plastic injection moulding, Tooltech has a number of high quality injection moulding machines that ranges from 35T to 1000T. Their injection moulding plant has been certified Black Economic Empowerment Program (BEE) and is ISO9001-2000 accredited. They are a leading name in the field of engineering and specialised plastic component manufacturing.
  • Specialising in integral skin moulding, Tooltech’s polyurethane moulding plant is PU moulded foam. They provide their services to not only offices but also to the hospitality industry. They even contribute to baby products. And the best thing about them is that they can provide you customised services.
  • From all their chair components division, you can avail a complete range of bellows and accessories, armrests, gaslifts, bases, castor, mechanisms and hardware. They offer their expertise in a wide range of hospitality frames, arm chair, tub chair, side chair frames and many more. You can also get a wide variety of seat kits and office chair backrests in both foam and netting. For customised seating, they offer designing as well as manufacturing.
  • Their buckets and containers division offers a wide range of top quality tubs and buckets in cost-effective prices and in a variety of colours.All their products are chemical-resistant, pest and hygiene controlled and BEE certified.

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About Tooltech
Tooltech is a leading company is Cape Town, offering a number of high quality services. Their main aim is to satisfy their customers by providing one of the best services.

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