Lars Larsen Watches: Timepieces that Combine Timeless Elegance with Durability

By | July 27, 2017

Lars Larsen Watches is a renowned international brand fine quality watches that are specially designed for quality-conscious consumers. Their unique selections blend elegant designs with durability. Their exquisite timeless collections come in a motley array of designs and materials, available at competitive prices. If you are looking for elegant timepieces with a lustrous finish, Lars Larsen Watches is your one-stop solution for purchasing quality watches at reasonable rates.

Lars Larsen Watches are scattered over 20 countries across the globe in numerous retail stores, shops and online portals. They manufacture classic watches that available in regular, antique and modern lay outs. Their watches are mostly manufactured in Svendborg, located in the south of Fynen, Denmark. Conveniently enough, they specialize in minimalist Danish designs that have a classic appeal, displaying great craftsmanship. Every year, Lars Larsen Watches updates their classic selections to bring innovations in designs and materials.

  • Products

Their extensive collection of watches which includes rose gold watches, exquisite black watches, steel watches, leather watches and other varieties of watches, is specially designed to meet your unique taste and requirements.

  • Men’s Watches

Lars Larsen Watches’ collection of men’s watches includes a wide variety of gold watches, rose gold watches, steel watches and black watches that come in timeless and elegant designs.

  • Ladies’ Watches

Lars Larsen Watches’ selection of ladies’ watches are available in a broad spectrum of designs and materials; from ladies’ rose gold watches, elegant black timepieces, to stainless steel watches, your options are almost limitless.

  • Watch Straps

Lars Larsen Watches specialise in an extensive collection of watches, enabling you to enhance your combinations – your choices include nato straps, zulu straps, rose gold straps, stainless steel straps, leather straps, carbon steel straps and many more.

  • Payment

Conveniently enough, you can place your order in a number of ways; the different modes of payments include:

  • Paypal

Paypal is a great option if you are considering placing an order online. It is one of the more widely used methods of making payments.

  • Card

Lars Larsen Watches accepts all credit cards; you can consider using credit cards like Dankort, Mastercard, Visa, American Express.

  • Direct bank transfer

If you are not comfortable using Paypal or credit cards, you can pay with a “Direct Bank Transfer” –the relevant bank details will be shown at the portal.

  • Warranty and Repair

Lars Larsen Watches offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their products, active from the date of order. To access the warranty, it must be submitted with a filled-up application form, authorised by a Lars Larsen Watches retailer. However, this warranty does not cover minor issues like wear and tear and reckless handling. The reckless use of the products involving water damage, accidental tears, and issues arising due to neglecting the instructions provided in the users’ manual will not be entertained by the company. In addition, the company is not responsible for defects in the battery and straps. If your issues are covered by the warranty, the company evaluate how to repair your product; if your product cannot be repaired, a new watch will be delivered to you to compensate your loss.

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About Lars Larsen Watches
Lars Larsen Watches is a renowned global brand that offers excellent quality watches at competitive prices. Their unique collection of men’s watches, ladies’ watches and watch straps come in a wide array of designs and materials. If you want to purchase an elegant timepiece with an exquisite finish, that makes a great style statement, Lars Larsen Watches is your ideal destination.

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