Canadian Patent Issued

By | July 28, 2017

Yukon, Pennsylvania: The Canadian Patent Office has issued a new patent for the “Method and System for Methane Separation and purification from a Biogas”. , The CEO of ARC Technologies, Mr. Stanley M. Siegel announced today. This system operates with near zero emissions and eliminates the need for a thermal oxidizer or flare and the resulting flare emissions. The system easily handles high N2 and O2 feed stock gas, and has a truly predictive/adaptive control system that changes the PSA plant automatically when the LFG quantity or quality changes reducing the manpower needed for operation. In addition, NMOC (Non Methane Organic Compounds) are taken away in liquid form as a renewable liquid fuel.

Mr. Siegel stated that “This system works extremely well with the plant I installed in Kelowna, BC CA a few years ago”.

With the issuance of the Canadian patent, the system is now patented in the United States, China, Canada, Australia, and the Russian Federation. Patents are pending in South Korea, the European Union, Brazil, and India.

ARC Technologies has been involved in the Biogas industry for the past 30 years looking for new methods to improve current technology. You can learn more by going to

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