Euro Steel: The Distributor of Stainless Steel and Aluminium Steel

By | August 3, 2017

A variety of Stainless Steel and Aluminium Steel products are regularly shipped by Euro Steel in and around Southern Africa. The company has been recognised by African Metals Corporation (AFMETCO).

The Euro Steel Group of companies offers a diverse range of steel products. Some of them are listed below:

  • Sheet

Both stainless steel sheets and aluminium steel sheets are stored. 3CR12, 316 and 430 are the more popular grades of Stainless steel sheets available at Euro Steel. Aluminium steel sheets can be manufactured easily. 1050, 3003 h4 and 5251 h4 are widely used in the transport and building industry.

  • Plate

Aluminium plates are non-combustible and non-magnetic. They are thus used in Mining, Marine and Advanced Electronic Industries. Euro Steel mainly supplies 3CR12, LDX2101, 304L, 316L, 904L and 2205 stainless steel plates which are preferred by the food and health industry.

  • Coil

Stainless steel coils have multi-faceted applications in both residential and commercial sectors depending upon their thickness. The company can decoil and slit stainless steel coils up to 3mm thickness. Aluminium coils are mainly used in heavy vehicles like trucks for cladding and buildings for insulation. Euro Steel also offers in-house slitting and decoiling and cut to length operations.

  • Tread Plate

Stainless steel tread plates are affordable and long lasting. Boomerang and Butterfly patterns are widely available at Euro Steel. Like stainless steel, aluminium tread plates are used in the construction of walkways, stair tread.

  • Decorative Finishes

Stainless steel decorative finishes are a favourite of architectural shops, airports and hotels. A wide range of patterns are available at Euro Steel. Aluminium steel decorative finishes are known for tough scratch resistant surfaces and longevity. Both are low maintenance products and inexpensive.

  • Pipes

Euro Steel stainless steel pipes are in compliance with ASME dimensions and weights. Their pipe manufacturing plant produces pipes according to the International Specification and customer requirement.

  • Standard Extruded Tubing

The company offers a range of square, rectangular and round standard aluminium extruded tubing.

Stainless steel fittings, flanges and valves and aluminium steel standard extruded sections and specialised extrusions are also supplied by Euro Steel.

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About the Company
Euro Steel had started out from South Africa. Availability of wide range of corrosion resistant steel products and fast service make Euro Steel so popular among customers.

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