Stock Tents: The One-Stop Solution for Arranging Ceremonies

By | September 7, 2017

If you are thinking about arranging an outdoor ceremony, you are going to need a tent for sure, because a tent is necessary for when it comes to arranging parties, weddings, functions, festivals and various other occasions. Among the many tent manufacturers present in the market, choosing a suitable company might feel a bit tricky sometimes. In that case, Stock Tents might provide you the product you are looking for.

Stock Tents is a South African company that is headquartered in Hermanus, a seaside town near Cape Town. This company has been selling and renting quality products to their customers since 2009. They specialise in manufacturing stretch tents (also known as Bedouin tents) and their business is growing rapidly. Mainly, they supply their products around the areas of Hermanus, Cape Town, Bredasdorp, Caledon, and the Overberg region.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Stock Tents:

If you choose Stock Tents for your outdoor ceremony, you are going to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Waterproof feature: Bedouin tents manufactured by Stock Tents are water-proof and capable of providing shelter in inclement weather. This means you do not have to worry about the weather forecast ruining your party anymore if you select these tents.
  1. Durability: These stretch tents are extremely durable and can withstand at least two years of extensive use.
  1. Flexibility: Bedouin tents provided by this company are very flexible and can be stretched to a great extent in order to cover a large area. As a result, you would not have to worry about the number of people you are going to invite. They can even be stretched over ponds, uneven surfaces and buildings.
  1. Cost Effective: Stock Tents come at a very reasonable price, which is less than that of other marquee tents. Stock Tents also offer you the opportunity to keep the tent for some extra 3 or 4 days by paying a small rental fee.
  1. Safety and Accessibility: The tents manufactured by this organisation comply with every safety measure and you can rent or purchase a tent from them by simply filling up an online application available in their website.

Stock Tents prioritises client satisfaction over everything, and you wouldn’t regret your decision if you select them.

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About Stock Tents

Stock Tents is a famous tent company headquartered in Hermanus, South Africa, that specialises in manufacturing, selling, and renting high quality stretch tents (Bedouin tents) to their customers spread across the country.

6 Butterfly Street, Hermanus,
Western Cape,7200
South Africa
Tel: +27(0)72 656 6370