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By | September 12, 2017

Is learning lessons and keeping up with the syllabus becoming a challenge for your kids or your students? Why not make learning fun? Scratch Garden is a leading educational website that has been designed to enhance the learning experience for young minds. They know that kids learn best while they are laughing and enjoying themselves. Not only do kids absorb stuff better when entertained, they also retain learning for far longer.

Scratch Garden makes learning so much fun through their educational videos, songs, and books that kids will never have a dull moment. And you will never have trouble teaching your kids seemingly complex concepts ever again. English grammar, science and math are simplified so that kids can get a good grasp of all that they learn. This builds a strong foundation for a great future.

Scratch Garden’s first book for children is out!
Scratch Garden understands how difficult it can be to teach grammar to kids, especially punctuation. One of their most popular videos called “Punctuation Explained” was thoroughly loved by the kids and their parents who watched it. Scratch Garden has taken their punctuation learning initiative, which was introduced in the video, to the next level with a fully illustrated book.

Titled ‘Semicolons, Cupcakes, and Cucumbers’, the book covers the journey and adventure of four friends who were first introduced in the “Punctuation Explained” video. Kids will really enjoy reading this book while learning to use punctuation accurately along the way.  The book is available for order through their website. You can also request one from the local or school library.

Regular YouTube Updates
Scratch Garden makes fun learning videos with amazing animation, funny characters, and catchy songs that teach topics. English, math, and science lessons for preschool, kindergarten, grade 1, 2and 3 levels are covered in their videos. They upload new videos every week on Tuesdays. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel and keep up with latest lessons.

There’s More
Scratch Garden has some very catchy, original educational songs that are also available in an awesome album. You can buy their first album or stream their music on iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby and Spotify.

A brand new blog section has been added to the Scratch Garden website which is updated frequently. From supplementary learning resources to valuable trivia, you are sure to always come across something interesting in their blog.

To discover a whole new universe of learning, visit their website at:

About the Website:
Scratch Garden is a leading educational website that is designed for young minds. Their motto is to make all concepts clear and simple to help kids learn their lessons in a fun way.

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